Project Lockdown This project was initially developed during the global pandemic outbreak, by way of drawing up new models of living to help people remain safe and receive greater protection. This was done through a series of Lockdown Models designed for specific purposes and times: Home Mode, Work Mode, and Outdoor Mode.

Home Mode Process:
Home Mode Process
Incoming Process:
Direct Combined
Outgoing Process:
Reverse Combined
Real World Usage:
Sign - Lift Use Sign - Toilet Area Sign - No Exit 3 Sign - No Exit 4 Sign - No Exit 1 Sign - No Exit 2
Sign - Quarantine Zone Sign - Delivery 1 Sign - Delivery 2 Sign - Delivery 3 Sign - Delivery Point 1 Sign - Delivery Point 2
Gap Key (Read Why):
G1=10 Feet, G2=20 Feet, G3=30 Feet
T1=1 Min, T2=2 Min, T3=3 Min